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Recycling Stream Optimization

Recycling Stream Optimization

Improve recycling rates and reduce contamination of recycled materials at the bin level.

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Recyclable Material Data

Recyclable Material Data

Integration of TS Analytics™ to gather real-time data on recycling materials collected.

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Influence Recycling Habits

Influence Recycling Habits

Programs that incorporate our technology with mobile apps to enhance consumer behavior.

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WWI Green Sports Alliance Announcement Blog

Waste Wise Innovation Joins the Green Sports Alliance!

Waste Wise Innovation has joined the Green Sports Alliance to advance recycling and sustainability in the sports industry. By utilizing our cutting-edge technology, we aim to significantly reduce waste and promote eco-friendly practices at sporting events worldwide.


Recycling Challenges

Recycling plastic bottles and aluminum cans faces numerous challenges today. Contamination of recyclables due to improper collection at the bins is a major concern, impacting the quality of recycled materials. The collection and sorting processes can be inefficient, with some regions lacking comprehensive recycling programs. Consumer awareness and education about recycling guidelines are crucial to ensure proper disposal. Market demand and pricing fluctuations affect the economic viability of recycling programs. Single-use plastic items contribute significantly to the overall plastic waste issue, necessitating efforts to reduce their consumption. Technological limitations, infrastructure gaps, and insufficient investment pose barriers to effective recycling initiatives. Lack of global coordination on recycling standards may lead to disparities between countries. Greenwashing, or misleading environmental claims, can undermine recycling efforts, and the recycling process itself can contribute to microplastic pollution. Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive and coordinated approach involving governments, businesses, and consumers to enhance recycling systems and promote sustainable practices.


Tons Of Contaminated Plastic & Aluminum NOT RECYCLED Yearly In the United States (in Millions).


Years (on Average) for Plastics to Decompose In Landfills. Aluminum Averages 100 Years.


The current state of recycling has many obstacles preventing efficient collection and use of materials.

Innovation. Solutions.

Our technology solutions are designed to prevent contamination of the recycling stream. The Topper Stopper™ is a patent pending design with a plug-and-play operating system with the ability to retrofit to existing recycling bins.


Reduce Contamination

Technology-based solutions to prevent contamination in the recycling stream and make collection more efficient.


Collect Data

Real-time data collection of the amount (quantity and weight) of recycled materials on-site at each recycling bin.


Enhance Human Interaction

Incentivize the human process of recycling using gamification and rewards at the point of collection.

What A Cleaner Future Means To Us

At Waste Wise Innovation, we’re revolutionizing the recycling industry through our innovative technology and data solutions. Our cutting-edge platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data analytics to streamline recycling operations, enhance efficiency, and drive sustainability. By offering real-time insights into waste composition, material flows, and market trends, we empower organizations to make informed decisions, optimize resource utilization, and minimize environmental impact. With our scalable and customizable solutions, we’re committed to transforming the recycling process, fostering a circular economy, and creating a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.


Our Solutions

prod Topper Stoper V3

Topper Stopper™

Our innovative technology solution to preventing contamination of the recycling stream.

WWI TS Analytics

TS Analytics™

Data collection and management tools provide real-time statistics for enhanced facilites management.

prod Cerobin Double V3

Bins Plus Techonolgy

Our partnership with Cerobin creates a cost-effective method to enhance waste and recycling collection.


Our approach uses technology and data to provide greater insight into waste collection, separation, and management. One of our priorities is the the reduction of contamination to create a clean stream of material for recycling.

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Connect With Us

Let’s build a strong partnership to improve the recycling materials stream and create a real impact on the collection, handling, and reuse of plastic bottles, plastic cups, and aluminum cans.

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Call Us: +1 (704) 464-2179

Call Us:
+1 (704) 464-2179

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Recycle Smart Monitoring System™

The Recycle Smart Monitoring System™ (RSMS) provides a method to measure the fullness of a recycling bins. The Topper Stopper™ units equipped with RSMS determine the depth of an empty bin, then check the bin depth at specified intervals. Notifications are sent out via text message and/or email when bins reach a specified level of fullness. This works on varying sizes of bins because the system obtains the depth each time a bin is emptied (or replaced).

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