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The Trash Can – Reinvented.

An innovative and re-usable landfill, recycling, and organic bin that fulfills all of your waste management needs. Developed by industry professionals with over a century of collective event experience, Cerobin combines an easy, foldable design with a dual stream receptacle to bring effortless disposal operations to dozens of industries.

Waste Wise Innovations has partnered with Cerobin to provide portable waste collection options.

The Topper Stopper™ works perfectly with Cerobins!


Dual-Stream Receptacle

One single unit. Two different streams. No need for multiple containers! Cerobin holds two 45 gallon trash bags for easy separation.


Organic, Landfill, and Recycle Lids.

Choose the two that work best for your waste management needs!


Collapsible Design

Cerobin collapses down to 2″ wide for effortless storage, transport, and relocation. Handles on each side allow for easy handling.


Honeycomb Structure

The Honeycomb design is easy to clean and transparent for high security events.


Sturdy & Durable

Withstands over 200 pounds and 40 mph winds. Tested and approved in all climates!


Signage Opportunity

Each Cerobin features two 18″x24″x3/16″ marketing panels that easily slide in and out. Create your own signage and customize your Cerobin!

Lid Configurations

recycle full
recycle top
rr flat

Dual Recycling Lids

tr bin scaled 1
tr top 600x800 1
TR laying scaled 1

Recycling & Landfill Lids

recycle organic full
recycle organic top
recycle organic flat

Recycling & Organic Lids

Storage & Transport

cerobin storage

The Cerobin system has a storage option that can hold either 24 or 48 Cerobins.

Storage options are available in either single or double crates.

Storing Cerobins is simple. Fold the Cerobin, slide it into the crate, and move by forklift. The storage container offers safe and secure storage and transport!

Contact us for pricing.

Cerobin Plus The Topper Stopper

Waste Wise Innovation has partnered with Cerobin to offer a bundled package of bins and Topper Stopper™ units. The combination provides a cost-effective method to increase the collection of waste and recycling for different applications.

prod topper stopper rsms cero


Our product request process offers Cerobin & Topper Stopper™ bundles.

Marketing Opportunities

Our creative team can help design and produce the marketing panels for Cerobins. The panels are easy to swap out so you can create branding for special campaigns or have duplicate panels that can be replaced as needed. Ask us for more details about this service.

CRA Cerobin mockup v6s
wwi recycle connect

Cerobin Options

We offer Cerobins as part of our Topper Stopper™ bundle as well as offering the bins as a standalone product.

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Call Us: +1 (704) 464-2179

Call Us:
+1 (704) 464-2179

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Recycle Smart Monitoring System™

The Recycle Smart Monitoring System™ (RSMS) provides a method to measure the fullness of a recycling bins. The Topper Stopper™ units equipped with RSMS determine the depth of an empty bin, then check the bin depth at specified intervals. Notifications are sent out via text message and/or email when bins reach a specified level of fullness. This works on varying sizes of bins because the system obtains the depth each time a bin is emptied (or replaced).

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