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The TS Analytics™ Dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of individual bin status, quantity of materials collected, and collection dates. Users can monitor bin performance, track material accumulation trends, and receive alerts for critical events such as full or nearly full bins. With customizable features, data export capabilities, and mobile responsiveness, TS Analytics™ enables efficient data management and informed decision-making.


Integration with The Topper Stopper™

Data collected via singular or large number of Topper Stopper™ units and delivered to the TS Analytics™ dashboard.


Bin Status Monitoring

A section dedicated to monitoring the status of individual bins, indicating whether they are active, inactive, or require attention. Color-coded indicators or icons to quickly convey unit status at a glance. Detailed information about each unit, including location, type, and relevant identifiers.


Materials Collection Metrics

Visual representations (charts, graphs) of the quantity of materials collected at each unit over time. Ability to filter and compare material collection data by unit, material type, and time period. Real-time updates or scheduled refresh intervals to ensure data accuracy.


Total Materials Collected

A section prominently displaying the total quantity of materials collected across all units. Historical trends and comparisons to previous time periods to track overall collection performance.


Alerts and Notifications

Automated alerts for abnormal collection patterns, such as missed collections or sudden spikes in material volume. Notifications for units requiring maintenance or other actions based on predefined thresholds.


Date of Collection Analysis

Calendar or timeline view showing the dates of material collection activities. Highlighting significant events or anomalies in the collection schedule. Valuable data to evaluate current collection planning versus on-demand collection processes.


Customizable Reporting

Ability to generate customizable reports summarizing unit status, material collection metrics, and other key insights. Export functionality to download reports in various formats (e.g., PDF, CSV) for further analysis or sharing.


Scalability and Performance

Architecture designed for scalability to accommodate growing data volumes and user loads. Performance optimization measures to ensure responsiveness and efficiency, even with large datasets.


Want to see how data can help your organization identify and address infrastructure and contamination issues in the recycling process?


Our TS Analytics™ platform is expanding the feature set. Soon, organizations will be able to create a starting point for the data collection process that will serve as the guideline for the technologies and data tools that can improve bin management, waste collection, and contamination reduction. Your organization can develop a standardization model and our platform can provide on-site information gathering, evaluation, scoring and reporting tools.

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Recycle Smart Monitoring System™

The Recycle Smart Monitoring System™ (RSMS) provides a method to measure the fullness of a recycling bins. The Topper Stopper™ units equipped with RSMS determine the depth of an empty bin, then check the bin depth at specified intervals. Notifications are sent out via text message and/or email when bins reach a specified level of fullness. This works on varying sizes of bins because the system obtains the depth each time a bin is emptied (or replaced).

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