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Technology & Data Solutions To Improve Recycling

Technology plays a pivotal role in fostering positive recycling habits among consumers by enhancing accessibility, education, and convenience. Mobile applications offer users real-time information on recycling locations, materials accepted, and tips for effective waste management. Recycling bins equipped with sensors streamline the sorting process and provide feedback on recycling efforts, incentivizing users through gamification or rewards systems.

Ideas for using technology & data to improve the recycling process:

Bins With Contamination Protection

Recycling bins equipped with sensors, cameras, and connectivity capabilities can provide real-time feedback to users about their recycling habits. For example, these bins can use a scanning, evaluation, and access door to allow proper or prevent improper materials from being deposited in the bin. This helps to prevent consumers from contaminating the contents of the bin.

Education and Awareness

Mobile apps, websites, and interactive platforms can provide consumers with easy access to information about recycling practices, including what can and cannot be recycled, how to properly prepare items for recycling, and the environmental benefits of recycling. Bin-level technology can also provide a method of ensuring the items deposited are the correct type of materials.

Improving Recycling Infrastructure

Data collection can help identify areas with inadequate recycling infrastructure or low recycling rates. By analyzing data on collection points, recycling material quantities, and recycling rates, businesses can allocate resources more efficiently to improve infrastructure and increase recycling capacity where it is most needed.

Tracking Recycling Rates and Progress

Regular data collection allows for the tracking of recycling rates over time and assessing progress towards recycling targets. By monitoring key metrics such as the amount of plastic and aluminum recycled, organizations can evaluate the effectiveness of recycling programs and identify areas for improvement.

Recycling Gamification

Gamification techniques can be employed to make recycling more engaging and fun for consumers. For instance, mobile apps or websites can incorporate game-like elements such as points, levels, and challenges to encourage users to recycle regularly and correctly. Leaderboards and social sharing features can also foster a sense of competition and community among recyclers.

Community Engagement Platforms

Technology platforms can facilitate communication and collaboration among community members, local governments, businesses, and environmental organizations to promote recycling initiatives and share best practices. These platforms can host forums, events, and campaigns to mobilize individuals and groups around common recycling goals and initiatives.

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Protect The Recycling Stream

The Topper Stopper™ units provide a method to ensure only correct types of materials are deposited into recycling bins.

Data is collected and available in the TS Analytics™ Dashboard.

Our Innovative Technologies

Our team fully understands the challenges to recycling and the many different efforts that have been in place for many decades. We are not new to recycling and the efforts to collect materials to be used in making new products. Our experience in working with various levels of organizations in the recycling world have allowed us to develop a comprehensive understanding of consumer habits and the potential for solutions to improve the process. The technologies we have developed address several key factors regarding the current state of recycling.

Adopting new technology can often have several barriers to entry, such as cost, compatibility, and reliability. Our innovative team has developed technology solutions to address recycling stream contamination while keeping costs low and not requiring facilities to replace the current bins in place. There are additional solutions that include bins that are designed to work directly with the contamination prevention systems.

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We have designed our solutions to retrofit to many different styles and types of recycling bins.

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Data collection and management tools provide real-time statistics for enhanced facilites management.

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Our partnership with Cerobin creates a cost-effective method to enhance waste and recycling collection.

Waste Wise Innovation has partnered with Busch Systems to offer recycling bin and waste container products.


Begin the process of requesting products for your organization. We will work with your supply chain team for proper provisioning.

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Interested In Our Solutions

Our team looks forward to working with other innovative companies to make an impact on waste & recycling collection and management.

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Call Us:
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Recycle Smart Monitoring System™

The Recycle Smart Monitoring System™ (RSMS) provides a method to measure the fullness of a recycling bins. The Topper Stopper™ units equipped with RSMS determine the depth of an empty bin, then check the bin depth at specified intervals. Notifications are sent out via text message and/or email when bins reach a specified level of fullness. This works on varying sizes of bins because the system obtains the depth each time a bin is emptied (or replaced).

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