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2024 GSA Summit

Improve Recycling For More Sustainable Sports

There are many recycling challenges that are unique to sports. The current state of recycling at sporting venues is faced with several obstacles that require fresh solutions. Our team has joined the Green Sports Alliance and is exhibiting at the 2024 GSA Summit to help address recycling issues during sporting events. Our technology and data solutions are designed to help our partners address:


Contamination of Recyclables

One of the biggest challenges is the contamination of recyclable materials. When non-recyclable items are mixed with recyclables, it can make the entire batch unusable. This often occurs when fans dispose of waste improperly, such as throwing food waste or liquids into recycling bins.


Fan Participation and Education

 Ensuring that fans participate in recycling efforts and properly sort their waste can be difficult. Many fans may be unaware of recycling programs or unsure about what can and cannot be recycled. Effective education and clear signage are crucial but can still fall short in achieving full compliance.


Infrastructure and Space Constraints

Many older venues were not designed with recycling in mind and may lack the necessary infrastructure to support comprehensive recycling programs. This can include a lack of space for recycling bins, insufficient storage areas for collected recyclables, and inadequate facilities for sorting and processing materials.


Cost Considerations

Implementing and maintaining recycling programs can be costly. This includes the expenses associated with purchasing and placing recycling bins, hiring additional staff to manage and sort recyclables, and partnering with waste management companies. These costs can be a barrier, especially for smaller venues or teams with limited budgets.


Event-Specific Challenges

Different types of events can present unique recycling challenges. For example, concerts or festivals held at sports venues might generate different types or larger quantities of waste compared to regular sports events, complicating recycling efforts.


Behavioral Factors

The behavior of fans during events can impact recycling efforts. High-energy environments, such as sports games, may lead to careless disposal of waste. Fans might be more focused on the event than on proper waste disposal, leading to lower recycling rates.

Protect the Recycling Stream. Collect Data. Educate Consumers.

Waste Wise Innovation is a technology and data solutions company that specializes in retrofitting existing recycling bins with advanced equipment to protect the recycling stream from contamination. The Topper Stopper™ units are equipped with scanners, sensors and data collection systems that accurately track and record the types and quantities of materials being recycled. This real-time data enables organizations to monitor their recycling efforts, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance sustainability initiatives. By providing detailed insights into recycling patterns via TS Analytics™, Waste Wise Innovation empowers businesses, municipalities, and event organizers to optimize their waste management strategies and achieve higher recycling rates.

In addition to data collection, the Topper Stopper™ V3 units offer a unique platform for sustainability messaging and advertising through the onboard screens of the units. These screens serve a dual purpose: educating the public about the importance of recycling and promoting sustainable practices while providing a space for targeted advertising. This innovative approach raises awareness and encourages proper recycling behavior while creating opportunities for brands to engage with environmentally conscious consumers. By combining cutting-edge technology with impactful messaging, Waste Wise Innovation is revolutionizing the methodologies organizations use for recycling and sustainability.



Our Solutions

prod Topper Stoper V3

Topper Stopper™

Our innovative technology solution to preventing contamination of the recycling stream.

WWI TS Analytics

TS Analytics™

Data collection and management tools provide real-time statistics for enhanced facilites management.

prod Cerobin Double V3

Bins Plus Techonolgy

Our partnership with Cerobin creates a cost-effective method to enhance waste and recycling collection.

A Collaborative Effort

Our team continues to develop technology and software solutions to improve the sustainability practices in recycling. The platforms we are developing can be customized to your organization’s needs. Your insight and expertise can help grow the next round of innovations to impact recycling.


You may have seen a demo of our technology at the GSA Summit. Learn more about our solutions and the tools we are building and let's collaborate to make recycling at your properties more effective.

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Connect With Us

Let’s build a strong partnership to improve the recycling materials stream and create a real impact on the collection, handling, and reuse of plastic bottles, plastic cups, and aluminum cans at sporting venues and beyond.

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Call Us:
+1 (704) 464-2179

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Recycle Smart Monitoring System™

The Recycle Smart Monitoring System™ (RSMS) provides a method to measure the fullness of a recycling bins. The Topper Stopper™ units equipped with RSMS determine the depth of an empty bin, then check the bin depth at specified intervals. Notifications are sent out via text message and/or email when bins reach a specified level of fullness. This works on varying sizes of bins because the system obtains the depth each time a bin is emptied (or replaced).

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